Spot TSV GolfVII from Mathias Berger on Vimeo.

Volkswagen Golf VII – Space for the whole Team

This video was part of a contest of a local car dealer.
The task was to produce a short film which connects
the new Golf VII with your Club

Within 72 hours i wrote the script, shot the film and
finished the clip in post production.

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Mathias Berger

born: November 6th 1987
Bludenz, Vorarlberg, Austria

academic career:

FH Vorarlberg (InterMedia, BA)
2009 – 2012

HTL Rankweil (building engineering)
2002 – 2008

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Work as a freelance filmmaker
2010 – present

Makido Film GmbH
"Akte Grüninger" (2013)
October – November 2012 and May 2013

"Arthur Film GmbH" in Munich
July – October 2011

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